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"you're dead if you aim only for kids. adults are only kids grown up anyway."
~ walt disney

"we are not trying to entertain the critics. i'll take my chances with the public."
~ walt disney

Disney Is Love.
Disney Is Love.
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this is a community dedicated to anything and everything disney related. when you join, please fill out my brief questionaire.

(fyi: this is not an application - you dont need to be accepted into the community. once you join, you are a member. this survey is just for fun. so be creative and have fun with it!)

1. what is your favourite disney movie and why?
2. who is your favourite disney princess and why?
3. who is your favourite disney villian and why?
4. who is your favourite disney sidekick and why?
5. what is your favourite song from a disney movie and why?
6. what is your favourite disney quote? (there is no limit here; you can list as many quotes as you want)
7. what is your favourite disney sequel and why?
8. what disney character can you relate to the most/are the most like?

RULES: a) you must love disney movies!! b) please be polite and respectful of everyone here. c) relevant pictures, icons, quizzes, and surveys are welcomed and encouraged, but please use an lj cut if you are posting long surveys or a lot of pictures. d) PLEASE DO NOT PROMOTE OTHER COMMUNITIES HERE, DISNEY RELATED OR OTHERWISE. there are communities out there dedicated to promoting new ones. this is not the place. any post promoting other communities will be deleted.

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i am your friendly neighborhood maintainer, timewarper19. if for any reason you wish to contact me, feel free to email me (please put allthingsdisney somewhere in the subject line so i dont delete it by accident). now, welcome! and long live disney! :)
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